Four Quarters, or 100 Pennies?



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I have gone over and over in my mind what the word ”tribe” means to me. Different situations call out your tribe, but to me, figuring out who truly loves you is shown not only by if they stick around when things are good, but mainly if they are there when things get rough.

As we go through difficult times, our tribes arrive front and center. These are the people you can confess to the deepest, nastiest, most horrible inner workings of your mind. THEY DON’T JUDGE YOU, EVER! They allow you a safe space to let it out. Sometimes you may even lash out at them, of course never on purpose. These women are our diamonds. These women I can count on, I can call, happy or sad, regardless of what’s happening. They will forever be the ones I reach out to.

We surround ourselves with like-minded people naturally in life. People who want to continue to grow as humans and become better every day. My tribe keeps me grounded while fully supporting my growth. They see who I am as a human. They accept me for me and I do the same in return. It’s a love that is respectful, full of healthy boundaries, and flourishing with our everyday life. My tribe consists of deep seeded relationships that do not come to full fruition immediately and early on. It takes work and communication to develop.

Someone once told me long ago something I will never forget: “Friendships are like seasons of change, they come, and sometimes are gone quicker than we are ready for.” We have all had friends come and go. Friendships fail, that’s OK, but know it is life. The people who come into our lives much like a tornado, with such love and clinginess immediately in the relationship, that in all honesty, it catches you off guard. For me at this point in my life, this is a warning sign these people are not my tribe. Two people can be amazing as separate individuals, but fully toxic together in a relationship, friendship included.

I will always know my tribe’s roots are embedded in the deepest depths of my foundation. So deep nothing can uproot them. In all truthfulness, I can count my tribe on one hand. I wouldn’t trade my four quarters for 100 pennies for anything!

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