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Lauren Mitchell

One Wednesday evening this past August following our move to Fort Leonard Wood, my husband and I walked into LifePoint, our new home church. We were swiftly and warmly welcomed by a bright-eyed, energetic, gracious woman carrying a small child, her daughter. She led us through the dinner line introducing us to as many as she could, and saved us seats during service next to her and her husband. I was in awe as I watched her worship and heard that uplifting voice of hers sing along to some of my favorite songs. I knew in that moment; this woman was exceptional and would come to find out just how much in the near future. She mentioned to me she founded and ran an addiction center, but I will admit it took a while for me to really learn exactly what it was she did there and why. As weeks passed, I discovered more about her story and came to learn she was once an elementary school teacher, a passion she adored and missed greatly as the new school year began. Taking a great leap of faith due to the resolve she felt in a very personal mission, she left

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