Chances, Choices, and Changes

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If you’ve visited us in the past, it’s probably clear to see we’ve recently redesigned the site. As the Founder and Co-Creator of Sorelle, I thought a short note addressing this update is an appropriate place to start.

You see … Life has three major C’s: Chances, Choices and Changes. Every morning we’re gifted a new Chance, to make new Choices, which more than likely will lead to Change. This is exactly what has happened in my life over the course of the past year. Many changes occurred due to chances I had to make choices.

Almost a year ago, along with my husband and JP, I took a chance building this project from the ground up. We began with nothing, from scratch, I developed our vision to the previous Sorella Tribu. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the right mental space and very quickly burned out. We launched right before a personal season of turmoil arrived, and found ourselves faced with a choice: do we continue and produce poor content with inability to put all our efforts in, or do we let go and regroup in the future? We chose the latter.

I won’t lie, I was extremely disappointed in myself and really had no clue what changes we were about to face in our future. JP found out she was expecting, as well as beginning the process of moving her step-son in with their family from across the world. My husband and I went through two contentious custody battles, a wedding, a new baby, and a move in the very short span of 6 months this past Spring and Summer.

I was miserable when the news of our military move arrived. I had finally created a foundation in North Carolina, a job I loved, and friends I could rely on. Our sons reside there as well.

I’d be lying if I said the first few weeks in our new home were easy, they weren’t, at all. I struggled with depression and finding my purpose, getting my feet back under me. Our daughters are both in school now and I found myself sleeping or binge-watching Netflix and Amazon until they came home in the afternoon. Rushing to pick up the house, and make it appear as if I was productive all day when my husband arrived home from work. Truth is, I did a horrible job and he knew how miserable I was. He knew I needed to focus my time somewhere.

My husband had been attempting to get me to write for weeks, sending prompts every morning by text message. I succeeded for a few days, then would quit. I knew I wouldn’t motivate myself, I couldn’t even get myself to workout, shower, or cook dinner, let alone focus on writing.  One Friday evening few weeks back, he sat across from me at the restaurant table where we were enjoying date night and expressed his desire for me to come back to the site, put my focus here. I tossed it around my mind, consulted with my partner JP, and decided Ok, I was going to make the choice to try to take a chance again.

I was told by my sister the move wasn’t for my husband, but for me. It was my chance to find myself and do big things. One amazing thing came from starting over: all the decisions I struggled to make in the beginning: the logo, font, setup, colors, etc., the stuff I spent hours going back and forth, over and over failing to make choices on, came EASILY. It was almost painful last time around, but this time it just flowed out of me, much like writing this today is. This is my time. We WILL do big things here!

If you’re new to Sorelle, hello and welcome! And if you’re one of our favorites who have stuck around by our sides to see the changes, thank you! We still have the same mission, same meaning, same theme. To continue growing our community of sisters, providing those we love with an open voice for their stories and truths to be heard. Its time to raise our voices again!

We love you!



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