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Stone Baby Name

Melt My Heart to Stone

When my husband and I decided to have another child, I wanted to be sure my prenatal and birthing experience was going to be exactly

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I Had Postpartum Depression, and I Hid It

On a Saturday morning at 12:37 my water broke. I woke up thinking I was having the worst pregnancy night sweats of all time. I went to the bathroom, realized I was in labor, psyched myself up for a few minutes, and gave myself a good old-fashioned pep talk in the mirror.

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cover face

Last Time I Checked It Was 2019?

Last week, rapper T.I. made international news when he appeared on the Ladies Like Us podcast and bragged about dragging his daughter, Deyjah, to the gynecologist every year for a hymen check.

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Imagine The Possibilities

My husband is an immigrant. A first-born Australian to a British father and Filipino mother, he’s darker-skinned than all of his friends, but lighter than half…

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Le Tribù Che Scelgo

I’m an only child so the idea of a sisterhood, a tribe, was a new notion to me. A few years ago when “tribe” popped up everywhere it was…

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